Installation & Commissioning

CrayTec Solution Ltd, in collaboration with Pearlcon in UK expands its activities over mounting functional systems from scratch to a sophisticated operating state. Presumably, the machines and equipment are installed and commissioned according to the specification in an optimized way by our skilled team members. Our services are accessible whenever required whether it’s operation, maintenance or improvement.

  • Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  • Installation and commissioning of industrial machineries
  • Production line setup & balancing
  • Fire Detection System (Addressable & Conventional)
    • Aspirating Type (VESDA)
    • Beam Detection
    • Addressable Spot Type Detection (Heat, Smoke, Multi-Sensor, Rate of Rise)
  • Fire Protection System
    • Standpipe Wet Riser Hose System (Hydrant System)
    • Sprinkler System
    • Clean Agent Extinguishing System (FM-200, NAFS125, NOVEC)
    • AFFF System
  • HVAC system
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Busbar Trunking (BBT)
  • Industrial/Residential Automation Systems (IoT)
  • Gen-set system
  • CCTV and security system
  • Lightning Protection System (LPS)



Craytec Solution Ltd

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